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Film Production + Storytelling

We believe that film is the most dynamic and engaging art form that will allow for the widest distribution of important messages today.

We're slightly obsessed and intend on changing the world with it.
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About Skybox Creative

After 7 amazing years in the business of web design and brand development, we've decided to shift gears and focus exclusively on film production and storytelling.

What an incredible journey it’s been! From the beginning, I always dreamed that Skybox would
become more than just a creative studio but a company that fuels my larger vision…
An organization that is built on the principles of freedom, collaboration, giving back and inspiring others.

After successfully growing the business to a team of 12 people, moving to an incredible office
in the heart of San Diego and managing a long list of corporate clients, I realized I was no longer satisfied.

Film had always been my true passion but something I pushed off to the back burner for years.
Fortunately, my experience crafting brand stories and the lessons I’ve learned about
human psychology as well as success in business lend themselves perfectly to this new medium.

Timing is everything. Not only was my passion begging for me to listen but the industry as well.
As the web evolves, film has become the most important element to drive human connection online.

– Angelina Sereno, President & Creative Director

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We're based in San Diego, CA but work globally.
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