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Meet Skybox Creative

What started as a web design and branding studio evolved into
a collective of passionate filmmakers and storytellers.

On August 1, 2006, I launched Skybox Creative with big dreams and goals. The business grew and grew until
one day I looked up from my list of to-do’s and realized I was way off course. We were offering too many services. 
We lacked focus. That, and somewhere along the lines I abandoned my true passion, which was always film.

I had no idea how to make the drastic changes I wanted to make with the business, I felt obligated to so many people.
Then, in the midst of abundant success, the universe gave me a handful of reasons and I knew it was time.
So I made the decision to let it all go. To start over. To rebuild the business I always dreamed of.

In 2013, Skybox Creative was reborn. Complete with a new brand, new structure and most importantly, a new vision.

I believe that the “work” we do in this life is the gift we give to the world. Being aligned with that
passion and purpose is everything. To me, there’s no greater joy than creating film projects that inspire people,
make them feel something and remind them that they’re human.

Through commercial, documentary and music video film production, I have a burning desire to tell authentic,
compelling stories that connect us on the deepest level.

I’m so excited to be on this path and can’t wait to collaborate with you!

– Angelina Sereno, President & Creative Director

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