Ultimate Universe Bundle

This bundle includes all my favorites and best sellers, including the Sacred Geometry Bundle (Vol. 1-3) which was one of the Top 100 Products of 2015!

Regular Price: $103 – Deal Price: $33 – SAVE: 70%

The Ultimate Universe Bundle includes everything listed below!

Watercolor Universe Backgrounds:

Sacred Geometry Vector Illustrations (Top 100 of 2015):

Stargazer Photoshop Brushes:

Constellations Vector Illustrations:

Moon Cycle Photo Set:

I’ll be producing an educational video on Sacred Geometry very soon so be sure to follow me or message me directly if you want to be updated: angelina@skyboxcreative.com. The wisdom in these illustrations goes far beyond design esthetics alone… I’m excited to share the ancient wisdom with you!

Love & Light

Mouse-painted backgrounds – original images used to make brushes courtesy of http://spacetelescope.org/

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